Nu`u Landing Excursion

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Nu`u Landing Excursion

Join us for an archaeological expedition through a pre-contact fishing village nestled along a waterworn cobble bay. This distinct experience is filled with Hawaiian culture and local history.  Unlike conventional tours, your visit to Nu`u will find you far from everyday amenities in Maui’s backcountry. On this tour archaeologist Andree and Colleen will describe the areas setting in terms of geography, geology, ecology, and pre-contact settlement by Hawaiians, culminating in an interpretation of the landscape from a Hawaiian cultural perspective.

Many elements of traditional Hawaiian culture come together at Nu`u and guests will view an array of archaeological sites associated with both the pre-contact Hawaiian fishing village and the post-contact era ranching operations. Archaeological features include: Hawaiian rock art (pictographs and petroglyphs); habitation, agricultural, and ceremonial structures; cattle walls and animal pens; and the historic cattle landing. There is also a spring-fed pond at Nu`u that has been delineated on historic maps as an ancient Hawaiian fishing pond. This pond is now considered one of the most pristine wetland habitats in Hawai`i, and it is home to several endangered native bird species.

Guests will learn the names of area landmarks and their role in the Hawaiian cultural mindset. Guides will share information regarding traditional Hawaiian practices, settlement patterns, land tenure, and social structure. Guides will also provide an overview of the history of Nu`u and Kaupō during the wars of unification, preceding the rule of Kamehameha the Great.

Our excursion will ultimately lead you to a large canopy of trees, where tables decorated with local flower arrangements offer up an assortment of local fare, concluding the adventure with an opportunity to share food and aloha with an intimate group. Listening to the sound of the cobbles in the surf, you can relax into the beauty of this protected ecological and cultural gem or an area and gain new perspectives from reflecting upon Maui’s multi-layered past.

Nu`u Landing Lunch Tours are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays with 48 hours notice.  On Fridays, a Snack Tour is available on our Nu`u Landing Makai (ocean) property. Private tours on our Nu`u Mauka (mountain) property are also available. Please contact us directly (808) 446-2227 to check for availability and booking for a Private Snack Tour.