Hawaiian Islands Land Trust


Hawaiian Islands Land Trust

Pōhaku Cultural Tours Hawaiˋi has partnered with the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust (HILT) in a manner that aspires to establish an environmental and cultural consciousness that will endorse the conservation and sustainability efforts of HILT. This partnership will facilitate HILT in its stewardship and education efforts by providing a more complete understanding of the property, both culturally and archaeologically.

This partnership has two main components: The first component is that Pōhaku Cultural Tours Hawaiˋi will be leading guided hikes on HILT’s 82 acre Nu`u Landing Preserve sharing an archaeological and historical narrative of the area. The second component is to identify and record previously undocumented archaeological sites on this property. As an educational sub-component, Pōhaku Cultural Tours Hawaiˋi plans to create opportunities for local area schools whereby students will come out for field days and will be instructed on how to identify, map and document the archaeological sites.

You are welcome to view HILT’s website at www.hilt.org.

Giving Back

The goal of Pōhaku Cultural Tours Hawai`i is to provide a distinct experience that will help preserve and perpetuate Hawaiian culture through the sharing of knowledge founded on archaeological remnants accompanied by the historical narrative of the area.

In addition, the cultural tour price includes a $25.00 fee per person for an annual Hawaiian Islands Land Trust ‘Maunawila Membership’. This aspect assists HILT’s Goals of planning and implementing strategies to secure contributions to support HILT’s operations while expanding and diversifying HILT’s donor base.