Colleen Medeiros

colleen medeiros

Colleen Medeiros

Co-founder of Pōhaku Cultural Tours, Colleen brings a passion for archaeology rooted in a love of the wilderness—whether on Maui where she lives with her family; Kailua, O`ahu, where she was born and raised; or Montana where she earned her BS in Sociology/Environmental Studies at Montana State University.

Colleen also incorporates 14 years of experience in cultural resource management and archaeology of Hawai`i, from her first stint as a archaeological field technician with a Hawai`i-based archaeology firm, to becoming the historic research and cultural impact assessments supervisor. This work brought together such related fields as history, culture, archaeology, ethnobotany, and ethnoastronomy. Her area of expertise include archaeological field investigations and ethnographic investigations based on oral history interviews with Hawaiian cultural practitioners and kūpuna (elders). To ensure her work is accurate, positive and culturally sensitive, Colleen works closely with Hawaiian communities. 

“Either on foot, on horseback, or on the water, I enjoy being outdoors: the un-crowdedenss, the air, the scenery, the plants, the rocks and the history of people and places. As an archaeologist, I have had the opportunity to draw on my many passions while working in some of the most beautiful and fascinating locations in the world. My children are just beginning to join me on these excursions and learn about the land and their own history on it. I am very excited to begin sharing what many others have taken the time to teach me. Let’s get out there!”