about pohaku cultural tours

About Pōhaku Cultural Tours

Pōhaku Cultural Tours will guide you through some of Maui’s most pristine and remote cultural and archaeological locations. Our tour will take you away from mainstream activities into areas where modern day development has not yet touched. Guides will provide an interpretation of the landscape by navigating features of the land which determined the patterns and life-ways of ancient Hawaiian settlers. Guests will view rugged vistas, learn about Hawaiian archaeology, and take time to enjoy the quiet vastness, and the heart-stirring beauty of Maui.


Colleen and Andree, Kaho`olawe Island, 2000

For our excursions through the Nu`u Refuge, Maui Island, Pōhaku Cultural Tours is partnered with the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust (HILT). Our company is assisting HILT with the archaeological management of this protected area, conducting background research and recording the archaeological sites–adding to the knowledge base of Hawaiian culture while at the same time providing small tour groups the opportunity learn from our explorations.

When you sign up for a tour with Pōhaku Cultural Tours, you are expanding your own horizons and directly giving back to organizations that work to preserve and cultivate our Hawaiian heritage.